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Changing January 7, 2007

Filed under: Artistic Expression — Emilie @ 9:07 am

Time, in everything, is changing;
life – transforming.
Moments create questions
relating everything.
Said mother to daughter,
“Fleeting choices alter and amend
joys unexpected with concealed clarity.
Such pleasures I do choose.”
“Choosing is strength, indeed?”
daughter to mother asked.
“Choices are yours, but
minute evils replicate choices chosen.”
Learning the experience.
Form conclusions.
Make decisions now, carefully.
Daughter learns life only pleases tolerance
for life is tolerance.
She feels knowledgeable and joyous.
Mother was right.
Choose wisely.
Eyes open,
open eyes
wisely choose.
Right was mother.
Joyous and knowledgeable feels she.
Tolerance is life for
tolerance pleases only life, learns daughter.
Carefully now, decisions make
conclusions form.
Experience the learning.
“Chosen choices replicate evils minute,
but yours are choices?”
asked mother to daughter.
“Indeed, strength is choosing.
Choose, do I, pleasures such.
Clarity concealed with unexpected joys
amend and alter choices fleeting,”
daughter to mother said.
Everything relating.
Questions create moments
transforming life.
Changing is everything in time.

Start from the begining or the end, I don’t care. It reads the same both ways.


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